Keto Teriyaki Sauce Recipe

For those following the ketogenic diet this keto teriyaki sauce recipe has a true teriyaki taste while still saying low carb. It is a great sauce than can compliment any meal.

Technically “teriyaki” is a Japanese cooking technique where the food is grilled or broiled with a sauce mixture of mirin, sugar and soy sauce. People are generally more familiar with teriyaki sauce and use it for flavoring from anything from meats to fish. The meat or fish is brushed or dipped in the sauce before and during the cooking process.

Taking a quick look at the core ingredients listed above in the sauce you will quickly realize that sugar isn’t keto friendly. Therefore we will need to look to make a substitutions for the sugar to get it keto compliant. The key will be keeping it sweet and tasty yet keeping the net carbs low.

The substation we will make will be the use of Sukrin Gold. This is a brown sugar alternative that is made of erythritol, stevia, malt extract and tagatose. It is less than 1 GI thus making it perfect for our use. It has a texture very similar to brown sugar and doesn’t have an unpleasant aftertaste as is so common with many sugar substitutes.

We will also substitute sake for mirin in this recipe. For those unfamiliar with mirin, it is a type of rice wine that is a staple in many Japanese kitchens. The reason for this substitution is because sake has less sugar content than mirin. Sake does have a slightly higher alcohol content than mirin, but most of the alcohol burns off during cooking anyway.

We have listed xantham gum as optional in case you want to thicken your sauce. If you don’t want to use xantham gum you can still thicken your sauce by keeping the sauce on the stove longer. Although you will have to keep a careful watch to make sure you don’t ruin the flavor. The consistency of your sauce is a personal preference and should be adjusted to your liking.

The finished sauce can be added to your food immediately or stored in a sealed refrigerated container for up to a week if you want to use it at a later time.